Hall Escape Madrid - San Sebastián de los Reyes


Four days ago the casino’s vaults were broken into, with a large part of their contents disappearing. It was a clean hit carried out by professionals.

The 5pecial Operations Group (G5O) of the national police managed to arrest four suspects as they were trying to leave the country.

All suspicions point to them being responsible for the grand theft, but they have only found a few pieces of evidence with no judicial value.

The suspects have been held for more than 70 hours, and in 75 minutes, they will have to be released if no evidence is found against them that would make them inescapably guilty of the grand casino robbery.

You belong to the G5O and you must prove them guilty before time runs out. Are you ready?

Logo Hall Escape El Golpe de Descifra Escape Room
7-16 players
75 minutes
+14 years old
Hall Escape(*)
Themed Police Investigation
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(*) What is a Hall Escape?

The hall escape is a variant of the traditional escape room games in which normally all the game development occurs in the same space and in which larger groups can play together. As in an escape room, the game will have a mission to be accomplished in a limited time, but everything will take place in the same room that will be set according to the theme of the game.

To reach the end of the game and carry out the mission, players will have to solve small riddles and puzzles that will be discovered throughout the game.

In the game El Golpe, players will normally be divided into teams (maximum 4 teams of 4 players) although at some point the different teams will have to interact. All teams will have the same common mission.

  • 7 players - 20€/person 140€
  • 8 players - 18€/person 144€
  • 9 players - 18€/person 162€
  • 10 players - 18€/person 180€
  • 11 players - 18€/person 198€
  • 12 players - 18€/person 216€
  • 13 players - 18€/person 234€
  • 14 players - 18€/person 252€
  • 15 players - 18€/person 270€
  • 16 players - 18€/person 288€

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