Escape Room Madrid - San Sebastián de los Reyes


The mind of some geniuses is a labyrinth where sometimes even they get lost.

Naricio Tornelio Exer’s body has been lying inert for days and for days he has been wandering imprisoned and disoriented somewhere in his memory. His consciousness has been fragmented and time advances relentlessly. Soon nothing and no one will be able to bring him back.

You, the mind-awakers, have been chosen to go in search of him. In little more than an hour, the risk of losing your sanity far exceeds what a normal human mind can withstand without succumbing to delirium.

The Labyrinth Live Escape Game Logo by Descifra Escape Room
2-6 players
80 minutes
+12 years old
HIGH difficulty
Escape Room
Themed Adventure
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  • 2 players - 38€/person 76€
  • 3 players - 32€/person 96€
  • 4 players- 29€/person 116€
  • 5 players- 26€/person 130€
  • 6 players - 24€/person 144€

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What players say about The Labyrinth from Descifra Escape Room

Eskey de rum - Vicky y David@eskey_de_rum
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... The atmosphere is one of its strengths, surprising you at every step you take, without leaving behind the games and puzzles that are certainly at the height of the best gamers. Back and forth through a labyrinth that makes you lose track of time, with a very well spun plot and a lot to do to reach the objective. Undoubtedly a great game that enters our 🔝 2023. ...
roberto abuín mallo
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On our way through Madrid my girlfriend and I stopped to do the labyrinth! We have done about 50 rooms and we had high expectations for this one because of the awards received. It certainly exceeded expectations, the most original game we have done and one of the best overall, highly highly recommended! We'll be back to make the storm 😛😛