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An escape room game is a recreational activity in which the main goal is to get to exit from a room or rooms usually decorated and recreated in line with a story, after having accomplished a mission given and playing against time (depending on the game, up to 60-70 minutes).  Riddles, puzzles, conundrums, logic and searching games, jigsaws and others must be solved along the game in order to achive the goal.  

The Game Master is the person who remotely monitors and conducts the game while the group is playing. 

Their role is helping players when needed so the game flows and they enjoy an optimal experience.


Of course! Children have at least as much fun as adults! They surprise us very often with their brilliant ideas and open minds leading to solve riddles and puzzles, and they usually are the first ones finding clues and hidden objects.

Icono niños  Children under 5 years old also enjoy the experience but not always understand the whole purpose of the game. That is why, though they are very welcome, they won’t be charged.  

Nevertheless, as a matter of space, the total number of players, including children under 5, will never be over 6 people.  

Escape games are recreational activities for all ages.

All members of the team must be over 16 to play by themselves. Otherwise, they must be always accompanied by at least one adult (over 18 years old).

If required, when the whole team is under 16, we have at your disposal the “Game Master Inside” service in which a member of our staff will be inside the game with the group, accompaning and guiding them so the game flows and letting the experience be optimal. (go to “How much does it cost?”)

The game and room space are both designed for groups from 2 to a maximum of 6 people in our game “La Tormenta”. 

One exception to this is our Hall Game “El Golpe” which is designed for larger groups up to 16 people. Unfortunately, there is no availability in English at this moment.

Never. Although doors may be closed or even locked, you can always get out if needed. 

Nevertheless we strongly advice against because that will make you totally lose the thread of the story.


It is NOT a scary or terror escape game.

You will find no actors, no frights or unpleasant or scary images inside.

The only essencial thing you must bring is desire to have fun

If you wear reading glasses we recommend you bring them, you may find them useful.

Anything else you may need during the game will be inside.

It is forbidden to carry or use mobile phones, tablets, cameras, other electronic devices or personal items during the game. Breaking this rule could lead to the immediate termination of the game. 

We use special effects such as strobe lights that could trigger seizures if epilepsy has been previously diagnosed and artificial smoke that occasionally could affect to asthmatic patients.

These special effects have no adverse effects in healthy people and only patients with the previously described pathologies could be affected.

If any member of your team has been diagnosed with asthma or epilepsy we need to be notified in order to remove the special effects from your game so they can play safely. 

The Storm

Total price depends on how many people you are.

Individual fees decrease as the number of people in the group rises.

Icono niños  Children under 5 years old will be free admitted though will be counted for the total number of players, which never will exceed 6 people. When you make your reservation please remember to indicate the number of children under 5 that will be playing and make de reservation only for the number of people over 6 y.o. that will be coming.

Price list (*):

2 people: 29 €/each (58 € per game)

3 people: 25 €/each (75 € per game)

4 people: 22 €/each (88 € per game)

5 people: 20 €/each (100 € per game)

6 people: 18 €/each (108 € per game)

Game Master Inside Service: 20 € (no promotions or coupons applicable)

For groups under 16 years old go to: Are there any restrictions related with age? 

(*) This price list may be modified in special versions. Definitive fee for each day/time slot/version will be shown at the time of the reservation when number of players is selected. 

As described in “Terms and Conditions” reservations cannot be cancelled. Changes are only allowed if communicated  at least 48h ahead.

Not to interfere with other groups experience and due to the game organization, being on time is very important. This is why access will be denied if there is a delay of more than 15 minutes over time scheduled.

Go to: Terms and Conditions

Medidas COVID-19

Mandatory use of face mask.

Hands washing with an alcoholic solution before and after the game.

Extension of games intervals

Security distance among different groups and the Game Master

Please, for everyone’s safety, we request you comply with these rules. 


If you still have other questions we have not answered yet, please go to our site Terms and Conditions.

If you still need to know something else, please feel free to Contact Us (Go to section: Contact Us).

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