Escape room game - The Storm

The Storm

2-6 players

70 minutes

Adaptable difficulty

0-99 years old

Escape Room

English / Spanish

A quiet walk through nature, a simple day to rest your mind is what you expected when you went into the deep forest following the old riverbed.

Nobody could have predicted the mighty storm that suddenly appeared from nowhere. In a matter of minutes, the forest is dyed black and shadows are highlighted with increasingly frequent electric lights. Your steps are muffled by the boom of the powerful bursts of sounds.

Just after a few seconds of ominous silence, the wind rises and the rain turns into a deluge. It is immense. Your senses are flooded by the dense column of water before you. All you can hear is the river roaring ferociously close by. At this rate, it will take less than 70 minutes to overflow, dragging, without mercy, anything in its way. You consider your chances of surviving; you heart begins to race.

There is water everywhere. A dazzling lightthunder. More water. Another lightning bolt …The sky splits open, the ground is swamped. Another flash … In this split second, you catch a glimpse of a silhouette. A house? Another crash of thunder. Rain hits you; the river rises. With no time to think twice, you cut and run towards what seems to be your saviour.

But what you are yet to discover is that this house is not just any house … it belongs to the Storm.

  Room recommended for kids and teens birthdays parties. For more information see here.

Icono niños 5 years old kids or under have free access but they will count in the maximum number or people per room, which is 6. You must indicate in comments textbox the number of kids who will come and  it the «Game Master Inside»(*) sevice will be necessary if it’s a group of children only. For more information see FAQS(*) This service has an aditional cost of 20€/session.

Efectos especialesIn our room we use effects with artificial fog and strobe lights. If you have a problem with any of these effects, let us know and we will adapt them for you. See FAQS.

Icono colegio Available in English and Spanish. For English speaking monitor (not bilingual) check availability.

“The Storm” in Descifra Escape Room

San Sebastián de los Reyes – Madrid

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