Escape room game - The Maze

2-6 players

80 minutes

High difficulty

+12 years old

Escape Room

English / Spanish

Some geniuses’ minds are labyrinths in which even they can get lost. 

Aware of the high price to be paid, Naricio Tornelio Exer is a traveller subscribed to his own world of illusions, lights and shadows. The genius’ conciousness has been progressively splitting off in small pieces and going astray among geometries, distortions and impossible algorithms

For days his body lies inert. For days he wanders disoriented somewhere within his own memories. Time draws on unstoppable and, very soon, nothing nor anyone will be able to bring him back. 

Just a few will be able to restore his mind without losing theirs.  


 If you are a begginer escapist we recommend you “The Storm” instead.

Icono niños Room recommended for children 12 or above years old (always accompanied by 1 adult for every 2 minors).

Efectos especialesIn this room we use effects with artificial fog and strobe lights If you have a problem with any of these effects, let us know and we will adapt them for you.

Icono colegio Available in English and Spanish.


 “The Maze” in Descifra Escape Room

San Sebastián de los Reyes – Madrid

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