Escape room game - Escher's labyrinth

Some geniuses’ minds are labyrinths in which even they can get lost.

Fully aware of the high price to be paid, Maurits Cornelis Escher is a traveller taken to his intricate world of illusions, lights and shadows from which, the more he travels, the more he imperceptibly gets pushed away from being a mere tourist.
On each of these expeditions, his conscience has been splitting off in small pieces and going astray among an amalgam of convolutions, geometries, distortions and impossible algorithms. Each stay has been longer, and each return has given back a smaller part of himself.

For days his body lies inert. For days he wanders disoriented and a prisoner within his own memory. Time goes by, unstoppable, and very soon nothing, nor anyone, will be able to bring him back.

Very few will be chosen to perform this search. Beyond the first 60 minutes, the risk of losing your sanity far exceeds what an ordinary human mind can withstand without succumbing into delirium.

Coming soon “Escher’s labyrinth” in Descifra Escape Room

San Sebastián de los Reyes – Madrid

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