Celebrate your birthday party playing an Escape Game: Children and Teenagers

An Escape Game is a very fun activity also for children and teenagers, in which they’ll become protagonists in a fascinating adventure. A different way of training their minds while having fun: solving puzzles, riddles, conundrums…  observing, searching… 70 minutes of guaranteed fun. 


What it is INCLUDED?

  • 70 minutes in "The Storm" escape game
  • Group photograph (sent by e-mail)
  • Little gift for the birthday boy/girl
  • How many kids may play?

    The highest number of players for this game is six people. Subsequently, including the birthday kid, the highest number of children would be SIX.

    May they play by themselves?

    Children under 16 always need to play with at least one adult.
    For children groups under this age, we have at your disposal the so-called "Game Master Inside" service in which a trained member of our staff goes in with them to guide and accompany them along the game optimizing the experience.

    How much is it?

    Prices depend on the number of players
  • 2 players: 86€
  • 3 players: 101€
  • 4 players: 116€
  • 5 players: 130€
  • 6 players: 146€
  • *These amounts already include the Game Master Inside service.

    What is NOT included?

  • There is NO possibility of having snacks or catering in our premises.
  • There is NO possibility of eating birthday cake or blowing candles in our premises.
  • There is NO possibility for the parents to wait for their children inside our premises.
  • What's the global length?

    The game lasts up to 70 minutes.
    The global experience, including a previous explanation and the final group photograph, has an estimated length of 85 minutes.

    What's the optimal age for playing?

    Our game "The Storm" is recommended for all ages as it's an adventure game. If the whole group are children (with the Game Master Inside) we advice that children are at least 7 years old so they can enjoy the whole experience.
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